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Marcos Gómez

Diego Bravo - Marcos Gómez - Wenceslao Unanue - Diego Alejandro Cortez; Claudio Araya-Veliz; Jesus Unanue; Anja van Den Broeck

Front. Psychol., 08 November 2019

Juan Pablo Medina - Marcos Gómez - Gonzalo Valenzuela

Using Bayesian methods, we estimate the stabilization objectives of four Latin American Central Banks: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Marcos Gómez

The fundamental contradiction of capitalism revisited, Bulletin of Economic Research (online: 12 marzo 2018), ,

Marcos Gómez

When and why does materialism relate to employees’ attitudes and well-being: The mediational role of need satisfaction and need frustration, Frontiers in Psychology, 8, artículo 1755

Marcos Gómez

Comovement among returns of the private Chilean pension system, International Review of Applied Economics (online: 11 diciembre 2017), ,

Marcos Gómez - Wenceslao Unanue

Revisiting the link between job satisfaction and life satisfaction: The role of basic psychological needs, Frontiers in Psychology, 8, artículo 00680

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