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Marcos Gómez

Diego Bravo - Marcos Gómez - Wenceslao Unanue - Diego Alejandro Cortez; Claudio Araya-Veliz; Jesus Unanue; Anja van Den Broeck

Front. Psychol., 08 November 2019

Juan Pablo Medina - Marcos Gómez - Gonzalo Valenzuela

Using Bayesian methods, we estimate the stabilization objectives of four Latin American Central Banks: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Marcos Gómez

The fundamental contradiction of capitalism revisited, Bulletin of Economic Research (online: 12 marzo 2018), ,

Marcos Gómez

Comovement among returns of the private Chilean pension system, International Review of Applied Economics (online: 11 diciembre 2017), ,

Marcos Gómez - Wenceslao Unanue

Revisiting the link between job satisfaction and life satisfaction: The role of basic psychological needs, Frontiers in Psychology, 8, artículo 00680

Marcos Gómez

When and why does materialism relate to employees’ attitudes and well-being: The mediational role of need satisfaction and need frustration, Frontiers in Psychology, 8, artículo 1755

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