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Esteban López Ochoa - Leonardo Bonilla-Mejia; David Mc Millen

Journal of Regional Science Volume 60, Issue 1 January 2020 Pages 33-55

Matías Berthelon - - Dante Contreras; María Isidora Palma

Economics & Human Biology Volume 36, January 2020, 100831

Juan Pablo Medina - Gustavo Adler; Ruy Lama

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control Volume 106, September 2019, 103716

Pablo Pincheira - Nicolás Hardy

Resources Policy Volume 62, August 2019, Pages 256-281

Francisco Parro - Loreto Reyes

Journal Economía Chilena (The Chilean Economy), 2019, vol. 22, issue 2, 070-095

Pablo Pincheira - Lorenzo Reus; José A.Carrasco

Finance Research Letters Available online 1 August 2019

Guillermo Paraje - G. Emmanuel Guindon; Frank J. Chaloupka

JAMA Pediatr. 2019;173(8):754–762

Juan Pablo Medina - Ruy Lama

We develop a neoclassical growth model with distortionary taxation, labor market search frictions, and real wage rigidities for studying the joint dynamics of fiscal deficits and unemployment.

Juan Pablo Medina - Marcos Gómez - Gonzalo Valenzuela

Using Bayesian methods, we estimate the stabilization objectives of four Latin American Central Banks: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

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