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Juan Pablo Medina

The estimations quantify and confirm that mining development has not generated a Natural Resource Curse in Chile.

Juan Pablo Medina - Gustavo Adler, Ruy Lama

Unconventional policies and exchange rate dynamics, Journal of International Money and Finance.

Francisco Parro - - P. Valenzuela.

Does Finance Alter the Relation Between Inequality and Growth? Economic Inquiry (JEL D3, E6, P1, O4, I2).

Marcos Gómez

The fundamental contradiction of capitalism revisited, Bulletin of Economic Research (online: 12 marzo 2018), ,

Health at birth, parental investments and academic outcomes, Journal of Labor Economics (online: 1 febrero 2018), 36,

Juan Pablo Medina

Monetary and macroprudential policies to manage capital flows, International Journal of Central Banking, 14, 201-257

Wenceslao Unanue - Osin, E. Ricard, M., Alkire, S. & Seligman, M.

Happiness: Transforming the Development Landscape (pp. 60-79). Bhutan: The Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH.

Francisco Parro

Capital-Skill Complementarity: Does Capital Composition Matter?, Scandinavian Journal of Economics (online: 6 septiembre 2017).

Francisco Parro

Understanding the Supply and Demand Forces behind the Fall and Rise in the U.S. Skill Premium, Macroeconomic Dynamics (online: 21 diciembre 2017).

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