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Elisa Adriasola

Paper presented at the Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference, Brisbane

Elisa Adriasola - Unsworth, K. L., Dmitrieva, A.

Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference . Brisbane.

Elisa Adriasola - Steele, A. R., Day, D. V., & Unsworth, K.

Paper presented at the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference, Chicago.

Elisa Adriasola - Unsworth, K., Johnston-Billings, A., Dmitrieva, A., & Hodkiewicz, M.

Goal hierarchy: Improving asset data quality by improving motivation. Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 96(11), 1474–1481.

Adriana Piazza

On Uniform Convergence of Undiscounted Optimal Programs in the Mitra-Wan Forestry model: The Strictly Concave Case., International Journal of Economic Theory

Adriana Piazza

Optimal Cyclicity and Chaos in the 2-Sector RSS Model: An Anything-Goes Construction, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Adriana Piazza

Classical Turnpike Theory and the Economics of Forestry, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

Adriana Piazza

An Overview of Turnpike Theory: Towards the Discounted Deterministic Case, Advances on Mathematical Economics

Adriana Piazza

The Concavity Assumption on Felicities and Asymptotic Dynamics in the RSS model, Set Valued and Variational Analysis

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