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Review WoS (EX ISI)

Juan Pablo Medina - Ruy Lama

We develop a neoclassical growth model with distortionary taxation, labor market search frictions, and real wage rigidities for studying the joint dynamics of fiscal deficits and unemployment.

Augusto Castillo

“The Myth of the Rational Market: A discussion”. Revista Economía Chilena, (Revista ISI), Volumen 12, Número 1, 101-104, año 2009.

Augusto Castillo - F. Lefort

Hedging Long Term Exchange Rate Exposure with Short Term Futures Contracts: The Case of the Chilean UF/American US$ Forward Contracts, con F. Lefort, El Trimestre Económico, (Revista ISI), Volumen LXX, Número 279, 2003, México.

Augusto Castillo

An Application of Natural Resource Evaluation Using a Simulation-Dynamic Programming Approach”, Journal of Computational Finance, (Revista ISI) Volume 3, Number 2, 2000.

Francisco Parro

The effects of vouchers on school results: Evidence from Chile’s targeted voucher program., Journal of Human Capital, 8,

Wenceslao Unanue

Materialism and Well-being in the UK and Chile: Basic Need Satisfaction and Basic Need Thwarting as underlying psychological process., European Journal of Personality, 28,

Sandra Milberg

A Synthesis of Attraction Effect Research: Practical Marketing Implications?, European Journal of Marketing, 48,

Sandra Milberg

International Segmentation Using Biplots: A Diffusion Approach., Journal of Global Marketing, 27,

Guillermo Paraje

La investigación en salud y la evaluación de tecnologías sanitarias en Chile., Revista Medica de Chile, 142,

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