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Jaime Lavín - Nicolás S Magner.

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade. Reversing the question: on what does the turnover of mutual funds depend? evidence from equity mutual funds in Chile

Juan Pablo Medina - Marcos Gómez - Gonzalo Valenzuela

Using Bayesian methods, we estimate the stabilization objectives of four Latin American Central Banks: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Wenceslao Unanue - Vignoles, V.L. Dittmar, H., y Vansteenkiste, M.

Life Goals predict Environmental Behaviour: Cross-national and Longitudinal Evidence From the UK and Chile. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 46, 10-22.

Wenceslao Unanue - Rempel, K., Gómez, M., & van den Broeck, A.

Materialistic values may be detrimental for people’s well-being. However, we know little about why(i.e., explaining mechanisms) and when (i.e., boundary conditions) this is the case.

Juan Pablo Medina

The estimations quantify and confirm that mining development has not generated a Natural Resource Curse in Chile.

Wenceslao Unanue - Martínez, D., López, M. Y Zamora, L.

El Rol del Bienestar Subjetivo para Medir el Progreso de las Naciones y Orientar las Políticas Públicas. Papeles del psicólogo.

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