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The Reciprocal Relationship between Gratitude and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Two Longitudinal Field Studies

Área de publicación Economía
Tipo de publicación Artículos
Fecha de publicación 2019
Autores Diego Bravo - Marcos Gómez - Wenceslao Unanue - Diego Alejandro Cortez; Claudio Araya-Veliz; Jesus Unanue; Anja van Den Broeck

Gratitude and life satisfaction are associated with several indicators of a good life (e.g., health, pro-social behavior, and relationships). However, how gratitude and life satisfaction relate to each other over time has remained unknown until now. Although a substantial body of research has tested the link from gratitude to life satisfaction, the reverse association remains unexplored. In addition, recent cross-cultural research has questioned the link between gratitude and subjective well-being in non-Western countries, suggesting that the benefits of gratitude may only prevail in Western societies. However, previous cross-cultural studies have only compared western (e.g., American) and eastern (e.g., Asian) cultures, but this simple contrast does not adequately capture the diversity in the world. To guide further theory and practice, we therefore extended previous cross-sectional and experimental studies, by testing the bi-directional longitudinal link between gratitude and life satisfaction in a Latin American context, aiming to establish temporal precedence.

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