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Joris van de Klundert

Joris van de Klundert

PhD in Operations Research
E-mail: joel.vandeklundert@uai.cl


Joris van de Klundert holds an MSc degree in Management Informatics (1991) from Erasmus University Rotterdam and a PhD degree in Operations Research from Maastricht University (1996). He has served at the Faculty of Science and the School of Business & Economics of Maastricht University, where he was appointed Professor of Value Chain Optimization in 2007. He co-founded spin-off company Mateum and the Venlo Campus for Maastricht University. From 2009 to 2017, Joris chaired the department of Health Services Management & Organisation of the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management of Erasmus University Rotterdam, where he also acted as Vice Dean of Education from 2011-2014 and still holds a part time position as professor of Health Services Management & Organisation. From 2017 until joining UAI in 2022 he was a founding faculty member of MBS College of Business & Entrepreneurship, in Saudi Arabia, for which he acted as Vice Dean of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs in the years 2019 and 2020.

Joris’ research and teaching covers the broad areas of operations and healthcare and is centered around the optimization of health services to equitably improve human health. He has published extensively in leading management journals such as the FT50 journals Operations Research, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, and Production & Operations Management as well as in leading medical and health sciences journals such as Value in Health, JAMIA, PLoS Computational Biology, and Transplantation. He is an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Public Health and for Frontiers in Health Services. He has served as board member and president of the Dutch Operations Research Society and has chaired of Informs Healthcare 2017 Conference and the European Network for Collaboration in Kidney Exchange Programs, a COST Action for which he was the main proposer.

Joris has conducted a wide variety of research, educational, and consultancy projects for multinationals, governmental and non-governmental organisations among which are Philips, SABIC, the World Bank, and the World Health Organisation. Through this work he has contributed to the optimization of health services in countries such as China, Colombia, DRC, Ethiopia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, and the European Union.

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