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Francisco Parro

Francisco Parro - J. A. Correa; P. Gutiérrez. M. Lorca; R. Morales

Applied Economic Analysis, Vol. 27 No. 79, pp. 62-90

Francisco Parro - Loreto Reyes

Journal Economía Chilena (The Chilean Economy), 2019, vol. 22, issue 2, 070-095

Francisco Parro - - P. Valenzuela.

Does Finance Alter the Relation Between Inequality and Growth? Economic Inquiry (JEL D3, E6, P1, O4, I2).

Francisco Parro

Capital-Skill Complementarity: Does Capital Composition Matter?, Scandinavian Journal of Economics (online: 6 septiembre 2017).

Francisco Parro

Understanding the Supply and Demand Forces behind the Fall and Rise in the U.S. Skill Premium, Macroeconomic Dynamics (online: 21 diciembre 2017).

Francisco Parro

The Rise and Fall of Income Inequality in Chile, Latin American Economic Review, 26, artículo 3

Francisco Parro

Private incentives for specialization in a changing and unpredictable labor market., Theoretical Economics Letters, 5, 163-168

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