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Review WoS (EX ISI)

Luciano Castellucci - Constanza Bianchi - Consuelo Valenzuela, María Trinidad Mena

International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, Volume 32, 2022, Pages 100-125

Juan Pablo Medina - Ruy Lama

We develop a neoclassical growth model with distortionary taxation, labor market search frictions, and real wage rigidities for studying the joint dynamics of fiscal deficits and unemployment.

Tito Homem-de-Mello

Finding Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Paths for Risk-Averse Freight Carriers., Networks and Spatial Economics, 16,


The stochastic Mitra-Wan forestry model: risk neutral and risk averse cases., Journal of Economics, 115,

Francisco Parro

The effects of vouchers on school results: Evidence from Chile’s targeted voucher program., Journal of Human Capital, 8,

Wenceslao Unanue

Materialism and Well-being in the UK and Chile: Basic Need Satisfaction and Basic Need Thwarting as underlying psychological process., European Journal of Personality, 28,

A Synthesis of Attraction Effect Research: Practical Marketing Implications?, European Journal of Marketing, 48,

International Segmentation Using Biplots: A Diffusion Approach., Journal of Global Marketing, 27,

Guillermo Paraje

La investigación en salud y la evaluación de tecnologías sanitarias en Chile., Revista Medica de Chile, 142,

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