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Guillermo Paraje

Health equity in an unequal country: The use of medical services in Chile, International Journal for Equity in Health, ,

Guillermo Paraje

Inequality in human resources for health: Measurements issues, Geographical Analysis, 44, 151-161

MineLib: A library of open pit mining problems, Annals of Operations Research, ,

Clusters or un-clustered industries?: Where inter-firm marketing cooperation matters., Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, 27, 392-402

A new algorithm for the open-pit mine production scheduling problem, Operations Research, 60, 517-528

A provisioning problem with stochastics payments, European Journal of Operational Research, 221, 445-453

Risk-return trade-off with the scenario approach in practice: A case study in portfolio selection, Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, 155, 707-722

Andrés Cuneo

Private label brands: Measuring equity across consumer segments , Journal of Product and Brand Management, 21, 428-438

Andrés Cuneo

Measuring private labels brand equity: A consumer perspective, European Journal of Marketing, 46, 952-964

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