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Economic Development in Latin America: Essay in Honor of Werner Baer, The Timing of Self Employment Decision,

Guillermo Paraje

Chapter 5. Chile: Public funding of health research, pp. 79-93, Monitoring Financial Flows for Health Research 2009: Behind the Global Numbers

Bond Markets in Latin America. On the verge of a Big Bang?, The development of the Chilean corporate bond market,

Santiago Mingo - Fleming, L.

Handbook of new product development management, Creativity in new product development: An evolutionary integration, 113-133

Matías Berthelon

Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Latin America, Distortions to Agricultural Incentives in Latin America: The Case of Nicaragua,

Inequality and Growth in Modern China, Spatial convergence in China: 1952-99,

Structure and Structural Change in the Chilean Economy, Regional Growth and Convergence in Chile 1960-1998: The Role of Public and Foreign Direct Investment,

Gerson Volenski

El ambiente de trabajo en la empresa de hoy: La ética de las mejores prácticas, , Libro de Etica Aplicada

Ariel Casarín

How far does it go? The Buenos Aires Water Concession a Decade after the Reform, Poverty Reduction through Improved Regulation

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